Cece Winans stands by the gays. That’s love ..’

Not trying to stir it today. But why are fornicating xtains going to church if gays can’t be ministered to in church or be there?

How stupid is this homophobia gone. Why are all the single baby mama’s in churchCece Winans Good for you. Stand by your convictions ..’

What about the fornicating choir, pastor and Catholic priests? Seriously. Am I brain dead or what.
TBH – the whole freaking planet is fornicating or cohabiting outside wedlock by biblical standards. Again. I’m done with these stupid, holier-than-thou, dimwits. Really.

How many times is this, not going to go away. To be different is not a crime to anyone. Fix your pathetic lieing two faced hypocrisy and hypocritical indoctrination’s. Salvation is free. No one is without sin.

Your mother, or father, brother or sister, cousin, nephew, niece, son, daughter, best buddy, wife or husband, or pastor is probably gay as a Christmas tree – and you are non the wiser. You probably are gay yourself in denial.

Who is the gospel of Jesus really for – if not for the gays?

What about all the thieves in churches defrauding God in his name stealing money from the poor, the broken, or needy and vulnerable; looking stoosh right now. Dumb fools. Don’t make me come for you.

Go and read Ecclesiastes 7:20 again then take a chill pill. Jesus himself came from the house of whores. That’s why he knows one when he sees one – and they run to him. Word !!!!!!!

His spilled blood is the only reason you have a claim to salvation. Not by your works of self-righteousness.

Salvation is not for you to give, approve or disapprove. It belongs to God. Worry about your own sin. More love. Less hate ..’

See, there are no victims anymore in sin when Jesus paid it all. He even said you without sin cast the first stone. Then, go sin no more – to the adulterous woman who ran to him for salvation.. Xtains like to ignore the first and last part of that jewel.

God First

Condemnation is a sin. Neither is any sin greater or lesser. Humans are all sinners. Gay or straight and undecided. The church has lost it’s moral high ground on sin because it has lost its reputation. How can being gay be wickedness when Catholicism perpetuated slaveryThe “Christian” BLACK Codes of 1724.

Get this inside of your wellness. Peace. Be amazing ..’

Don’t come on my page with that rubbish or else I will block you. Go away !!!

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By Aremuorin

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