Haja Isha Kamara in 14 Ways

Meet the winner of Best Make Up Artiste for Afric Fashion Pride 2017


Who Is Haja Kamara 

1) My name is Haja Isha Kamara. 19 years old ..’

Roots and direction ?

2) Have three brothers and two sisters. Second oldest. Born in Sierra Leona and raised in the U.K. Live with parent. In college studying health and social care (going to university next year). Love fitness and dancing. Picky /healthy eater. Love makeup and drawing (art). Want to work in the public health or become a occupational therapist

How does make up make you feel

3) When I do makeup I feel like I can show who I truly am. I love the concept for creating the art of someone’s face and make them into a complete different thing and the art of it just intrigues me so much.


Who would you like to work with – famous celeb

4) I will like to work with different celebrities actually but first I want to start with the African celebrities and then walk my way up gradually.


5) My aspiration is to continue doing what am doing and getting all the support I need and hopefully have my own makeup brand.


What’s winning this award done for you

6) Winning an award from Afric Fashion Pride has really changed everything and has given me more motivation to get better and better and I should never stop going, and has also made me feel like am getting appreciated for my work.

Where can we see you in future

7) With the makeup business probably owning my own brand and doing couple master classes (for makeup).


Who are your role models

8) My role models are always going to be my parent and Oprah Winfrey they have been through a lot and still coming out stronger then ever and I really admire them so much.

How would like to be remembered

9) I would always like to be remembered as a good makeup artist but I would also like to Open a charity in my country hopefully by God’s grace and make a difference in people’s life.

Your ideal destination

10) My favourite get away which I haven’t been to yet will have to be Bahamas and Ibiza.

Your dream date

11) My dream date, normally am not a person who likes too much of fancy things, but something simple and romantic, but also breath taking. (Always keep it simple).

Something no one knows about you

12) Something not everyone knows about me. Only my family does. Am a good baker and good with technology.

Last record played

13) Chris brown loyalty album (big fan of his).

What are you listening to now

14) Love music (all genre apart from rock). 


Congratulations and thank you for the interview. Pleasure catching up. More successes and good luck with uni. Be amazing! 

By Aremuorin


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