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Written by Sally B Hunt

Just because some people who are members of marginalized, oppressed, vulnerable groups can OVERCOME THE ODDS and become financially successful, that doesn’t negate the reality of oppression.


Sure, some marginalized, oppressed folks can overcome the odds by achieving financial success, *DESPITE* all of the constant *extra disadvantages* working against them, despite all of the EXTRA struggles they’re forced to endure that privileged folks don’t despite all the adversity, the mistreatment, the ABUSE, the biases against them, the violence, the prejudice, the discrimination, the belittling, the over-policing of every little thing they say and do, the dehumanizing, the degradation, the INVALIDATING, the dismissiveness, the mocking, etc.

So, sure, some people became financially successful, *IN SPITE OF* their oppression. That doesn’t negate the reality of their oppression.

It doesn’t make their oppression in any way acceptable.

Don’t normalize oppression. Don’t minimize, ignore, dismiss, or invalidate the *preventable* & *unnecessary* pain, suffering, misery, and despair that oppression causes every single day.

Oppression destroys lives daily.

This is about power and who ABUSES their power over others.

Power dynamics are always at play. Power imbalances always exist. Power isn’t only about an official position over others. Social power also exists and is about how some tend to get taken more seriously when they speak and are automatically given the benefit of the doubt each day in society.

Abuse, oppression, exploitation, and injustice are never acceptable.

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Sally Hunt on #Racism ..’ – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace #SpreadLove

Sally B Hunt – MercyfulGrace.blog

Sally B Hunt said on a long viral post on the many comments – to a video she posted on white supremacy:

She started with:

Racism against w people doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing. W people invented race/racism. We are all socialized into w supremacy, AKA racism.

Yes, there is indeed racism against Hispanic people. I never said there wasn’t. Watch the video again. I explained the basic fact that there’s no such thing as “racism against w***e people”.

That’s a fact. It’s never existed because the entire concept of race and racism was created by w***e people for the purposes of benefiting / privileging / making profits for them. That’s why racism exists.

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