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Various HUMANITARIAN’s advocating inclusion through love ..’ – Aremuorin

Now. A lot of things make more sense. The diabolical act of racial prejudice festered in cahooted disguises; able enough to make minorities lose their minds, is simply, pure lovelessness.

Bishop Nathanyel

Dr Arikana Chihombro

For a continent that does not a have a single gun manufacturing company, we simply have endless supply of guns.

How? How is this okay that Africa continues to be exploited. How is it okay that the world has watched as France is taking, cold hard cash, out of Africa?

Dr Arikana Chihombro

Carol Jianni

Queen Charlotte


SallyB Hunt


Gazi Kodzo

Social injustice is a social epidemic in our daily lives. Open your eyes a little wider ..’


Love casts out all fear. So, there’s no need for exclusion narratives. There is enough for everyone. Let love lead the way ..’

Joel O’Neil Alastair Brown

Dr Olusegun Abejide

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