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My colleague on radio, literally shared this with me whilst in pre-production for a weekly live radio show that I was invited to guest on. I said I want to talk about programming. Boy, I could not wait to tell everyone. Wimbo is a darn good researcher and producer.

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They do say if you want to fool black people, hide in it books. Black people – read! It’s literally hidden in plain sight on the government website.

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Get on to it now and tell everyone connected. May you succeed. Go get your blessings. I wish you well. Take care.

1.1. This compensation scheme (“the Scheme”) is designed to compensate individuals who have suffered loss in connection with being unable to demonstrate their lawful status in the United Kingdom.

👆🏾Watch the movie (for free) that got Kyrie Irving suspended from the NBA. Know what they don’t want you do discover about history. Watch with the children. Family friendly history lesson. Do more research after it’s done. Minister Farrakhan approved!

However, the Scheme is open to any eligible person who arrived in the United Kingdom before 1988 from any country who is lawfully in the United Kingdom.  

Read the full article below.

In certain cases, individuals based overseas may also be able to claim. The Scheme is also open to close family members of those groups.

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