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Written by Anthony Everest

2 is a company. 3 is a crowd. Rest in peace Will Smith and Jada Pinketh Smith’s bad marraige. That T-Shirt don’t fit no more. No mamm. No thanks. Rebuked in the mighty name of Yeshua. Amen ..’ 🧘🏿‍♂️✍🏿

Was minding my own business about this red table talk between the couple but it was everywhere. So I took an interest and it bothered me. Not their arrangement, but the consequence.

Some fans were saying it’s a 4 year old story just revealed, that they are happy now, and it’s none of our business.

True. But, they are also massive public figures on a huge world stage with some social responsibility.

We ride together. We die together. Bad marriage for life ..’ – Will & Jada Pinketh Smith

For me ooo, in my humble opinion, as a besotted fan; who buys into their brand, inspirationally. I do not want to catch a demon.

That is a negative speech, which was not thought through. I get the humour, but it is very unwise. Not good.

Not good for my soul as much as I adore them. And, I am not the only one who picked it up.

We ride together. We die together. Bad marriage for life ..’ – Will & Jada Pinketh Smith

Domestic violence rose by 20 percent during lock down, according to the UN.

There are various forms of domestic abuse. It is verbal and non verbal, too. There is self abuse too. I work in this field.

The tongue is very powerful. You are as you say you are ..’ Sending them all my love❤👈🏿 ..’

This may be the entanglement. Most folks will be. Now you hopefully understand. I do.

Jada Pinket Smith’s story opened me up to something new about rage.

Like her rage needing and wanting healing, we all need God, in these times. In these perilious times, death is cheap. Life #moments ..’ – #In14Ways

Everyone is hurting for something. I hope we can be all be human again. May the rage find healing inside all of us

Transformation not condemnation.

She said about rage hiding her deep sorrow, once. This speaks to my soul. We all know sorrow. Hope healing has begun all round. No one should be in pain. Let love lead the way. I pray for forgiveness and restoration too. Amen ..’


You can see whatever you want to see depending on where you want to see it from. That’s why the earth is spinning ..’

Hope for peace. Prayers for love. Sanctuaries of Grace. Abound daily in our hearts. Amen !!!

When you are privileged to witness the duality of evil in a human, be thankful, rejoice & run. Make no excuses for them. I used to.

My two new favourite words. Rage & Healing. Thanks to Jada Pinket Smith. Who would have thought. The mystery of life working in different introspection. Transformation not condemnation ..

Now I understand❤👈🏿. I think it’s easy to fictitiously walk in someone else’s shoes. We all have pain. It makes us all #human ..’ – #In14Ways

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