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Written by Dr. Abejide Olusegun

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It is totally impossible for all humanity to understand God in the same way…

It is impossible for the Arabs to understand God the same as the Europeans…

It is impossible for the Europeans to understand God the same as the Asians…

It is impossible for us Africans to understand, God the same as the Indians…

That’s why there are so many religious beliefs in the world…

ISLAM is the Arabs alliance with God according to their ancestors understand…

CHRISTIANITY is the Europeans alliance with God according to their ancestors understanding…

So, in which way does the Africans Aligne with GOD the Almighty? Can Someone honestly answer me. VACUUM GOD!

BUDDHISM is the Asians alliance with God according to their ancestors understanding…

They each set their alliances with God according to their own understanding. So when one leave his or her own alliance and worship God through the alliance of another, that’s idolatry, that’s sending your spiritual energy to the people who’s religious belief you go by…

Therefore, out of all the races I mentioned above, only African God is evil. He allow evils to plunder them, enslave them, kill them and even planning to wipe them out of the planet now. But why!

Well, let’s quickly open our Bible into Deuteronomy 11v26-28 and read what’s in there.

Verse 26. Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse:

Verse 27. The blessing if you OBEY the COMMANDMENTS of the Lord your God which I command you today;

Verse 28a. And the curse, if you do not OBEY the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside from the way which I command you today.

The question a serious child will ask is “which commandment is HE GOD talking about out of all the 501 commandments He gave our FOREFATHERS! The answer is,


In other words, God cursed us immediately we followed the GOD we have not known before. The God of our ancestors. But follows THE GOD OF THE WHITE MAN, period.

Remember that our forefathers have been worshipping their GOD before the white man came to them, and everything was good for them.


If you are so stupid to what I am saying, go back to History. See how much they achieved when they held on to their GOD and see how much we have achieved now by holding on to OYINBO and ARAB GODS now.

Oh, my people, who had bewitched you? You will all perish because of lack of knowledge.

By the way, before I go. Bill Gates has finally moved his DOMICILE to NIGERIA. He is now a Nigerian just as I an American now. He moves to Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth so as to be able to finalize his DEPOPULATION AGENDAS on us. Hun, hun, hun. God have Mercy.

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