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Why would anyone want your religion; when its riddled with hypocrisy and intolerance.

I think they call it bigotry in some cultures.

Self righteous; delusional dogmatised people. Distorters of love and badly, religiously, tooled sects. Stop it !!!

Read Mathew 9 : 7 – 13. Jesus socialised with gentiles and his nan was a whore.

No wonder why the pews are empty. A loveless religion; is a Godless religion. That’s not love! That’s not God.

My God is fabulous ..’ Full of signs and wonders! He works in ways you can not see. Bam xXx

If you have nothing positive to say, keep it to your self.


To those who have faith in the almighty, you have to be super strong; to not let bad religion, or dogma, get in the way of your relationship with the great one.

I wish someone told me this earlier. I would have lived a much happier guilt free life.

No one owns God and God does not force himself upon anyone but give free will with abundance love


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Religious fanatics trying to lecture us about God is a bit like the Saudi Arabian gov’t lecturing the world on feminism.

To be held accountable, attemtedly by folks who are the worst hypocrits on the face of the earth, hiding behind bigotry in the name of religion and God is the worst kind of dirty politics I’ve ever seen, or heard – yet, in the 21st century, of humanities.

Utter crooks and mordern day light eroneous, rouguing, mind robbers, of the truth; about love. Stay clear! A lost institution. I choose love. Love has no colour, gender or religion. Try again – and do much, much, better – next time.

I think God has put me around these monsters and deluded hypo’s for a greater purpose.

For Real. No pain – No gain. #Beauty is learned from #within and not from without ..’


AMEN !!!

By Aremuorin


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