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It’s awfully hard to let go of people who you love; that don’t, love you.

I learned, first hand, not to hurt myself like that; any more. The greatest love of all ..’ Bam xXx

People who don’t love you will ultimately betray you with their disloyalty. Even thou; they smile. They’ve only come to see.

God Fixies All The Broken Pieces -

This venom is spiritual. It’s hateful and felt from a million miles apart. Why wait around it. Open your eyes. Deep!

Disloyal people are not your friends. They are just spectators of the show. Get rid. I could call them worse. But that’s not what love would do.

So. Let them watch from a great distance. Amen.

I know a friend and an unconditional love in a saviour called Jesus ..’

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#Relationships are hard. Anyone #who says #otherwise is #delusional.

The one with #self – is even the most #challenging, as there’s no where to run, or hide, from self.

Yourself; will always #convict you, whether #you roam, #free; like it, or not.


You cant falsely impress your self. That’s the most difficult part of any #relationship.

When #two people in a #relationship share this #similar #perspective, they’ve already conquered; half of the #battle, of their #union to becoming #one.


By Aremuorin


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