MercyfulGrace Diaries with Matt Lucas – ‘Religious Harrasment’


Your religious #convictions does not give you the right to #harrass someone else with it. However #dogmatic and #fanatical, it may appear to be. Capital N.O.

Anthony Everest & Matt Lucas (1)

Each to their own. If you are the distant #light, the #objection of their; attraction, they will #gravitate towards you.

I #pray for the day when #love will rain down on your #parade. Amen

Love Tree -

If you are looking for a con artiste. Go into a thieving tithing church. The shade. The sham. The dogma. Sell me no bad religion. I know whom I believe. Thank you Jesus.

To those who have faith in the almighty, you have to be super strong; to not let bad religion, or dogma, get in the way of your relationship with the great one.

I wish someone told me this earlier. I would have lived a much happier guilt free life.

No one owns God and God does not force himself upon anyone but give free will with abundance of love.


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