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Written by Aremuorin

TRIGGER WARNING – Graphic Content

Why would you choose the left over’s of the left overs of the left overs; just to get a rash on your a** – Jaguar Wright

Panache Awards - Aremuorin

Must be really harder for girls when and where they get propositioned for sex all the time in the music BUSINESS, in a BID for a career. The amount of white & black men (and women) who do the same with me elude me. And they go from ‘100 to 0’ on the scale of, I’m interested in your career, so quickly, when you decline.

It’s never been my style and it will never be. I used to say, I’m not saying black men or women, are innocent of this – but I experience, this dirty BUSINESS, more from, white men. Now, I retract that. This problem has no colour. When Jaguar Wright said she was gang raped seven times, in an interview, my heart sunk deep into sadness.

I hope people are, real smart. But what shocks me more is this, the amount of men, who have girlfriends, and/or children with them, who say they would sleep with other men for a pop career, frightens me. One colleague, said it once, in fact, in front of his girlfriend, that he would. Even one of my musicians said they would. More like the music dirty BUSINESS. These are scary truths.

Emptiness is a song written, performed and produced by Aremuorin. Aremuorin recently, won a ZAFFA Global Award & a Covid Hero Award plus other awards for Supporting the Community as well as for Entertainment Services. More

For those contemplative of a showbiz career, watch this if you don’t know. If you do know, don’t forget to tell those who don’t know. All that glitters isn’t gold in SHOWBIZ.

Let’s be real here. I’m not saying don’t DATE PEOPLE in the BUSINESS, neither am I saying, DATE people in the business. Your choice – but make sure you get the contract(s) first – signed, dated and checked thoroughly by several of your lawyers and their lawyers, lawyers too. lol :). Above the love of God, there is no demon. If it’s not about loving, tell them to keep it moving. Stay blessed !!!

Jaguar Wrights Story

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