MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Music’ – With Or Without God (2) by Aremuorin

“I like where I am. Where God can replenish me. Intensify my focus. Predict my future. Exemplify my worth.

Re-direct my thoughts. Celebrate my life. Anoint my grindings, bless my works; and cherish my days.” – Anthony Everest

Your Hand Of Mercy by Aremuorin - Anthony Everest

The moment you are talking to an up and coming artiste, thats just come off a reality show – win or loose, and they start acting like a diva/divo – ‘I don’t give my no to anyone’ – I be like, ‘Blocked, on all social media’. Hu the f**k are you?’ :: And – the next time I see them, at a press meeting, or function – I’ll be like ‘Blank’. Next, Oh Hy J’lo. Until you’ve sold sh*t loads of millions of records and become a worldwide sensational, brand – cut your coat according to your size!  ‪#‎RealTalk‬ ‪#‎BlackMusic‬ ‪#‎Step‬ ‪#‎Attitude‬

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We live in a time where “Burning people alive in the name of God – Sadistic hope for Religion. A revival of shame in the name of God. Where do we go from here? We don’t need religion. Love is what we need ..” Mercyfulgrace
And kids are asking me from different parts of the world how to become a singer /performer /writer like me. Mercy! Fame does not impress me. Those who Love* God and can see the reflection of him in others – have my uttermost respect!  I have one click I roll with, everyday of the week, wherever I find me or have strayed – God! God is not religion. Jesus is not religion. The Holy spirit is not religion. The people who invented religion are the circus around it ..’
God is love - MercyfulGrace
And Lord knows I’m not perfect, but so are you – to start the conversation. Your inflections of me does to not justify me. Only God can judge me ..’ You don’t measure up. Next! Too many fake in authentic people, sabotaging, hating, spreading deceitful rumours and lies around, cause they have, no truth; and don’t know what they are doing. Therefore, they turn to satanic antics – cuz he’s their boss, the one they worship. Not here, on this page.

Take it somewhere else. The Holy fire of God will burn you up and spread your ash like dust. Me, I belong to Jesus Daily :: I’m a child of God! I don’t worship satan, so it can’t tell me what to do, unlike its subjects. Right! You been told.  Mercyfulgrace Waste no time with haters..’ I spent too much time, over them, over the years. I could have written more great music, instead. I have very little patience with time wasters, cowboys and fake people who front like the real deal. I find cockroaches more useful than all three!

There are some clowns in this world ..’ They are bigots and want to be loved. How? Don’t ask for what you can’t give ..’ At least love! Even – God won’t agree to it ..’ God did not instruct you to be anyones door-mat. Have a little self dignity.

MwecyfulGrace Blog

You can’t manipulate me. Cuz the word manipulate – is selfish. Selfish and I, don’t equate to sacrifice; like Love*. See, we were torn out of different garment’s. Mines made of Boldness, Courage, & Life – while, yours yielded – Failure, long before you knew ..’ It had no chance. Stay in the moment boo. Love* is the moment.

I’m going to say something deeply personal now – It’s okay to love another human being …’ Till death do you part. But never love another human or thing, above the ‘God Almighty’ – because, they become an idol to you and – they/it could bring you down! I’m beginning to understand why some great artists failed, fell, and almost had it all’ – Anyone know who I’m talking about?  ‪#‎NoteToThySelf‬

Team Rita has no chance of winning Voice UK – 2015, if she does not rehash her thinking. I think Rita missed the memo that its – The Voice UK, not the Swag UK ..’ Lovely girl, but her experience, let her down on some of her choices ..’ Team Tom – My OH My … Genius ..’ Rita’s only girl – may come close thou …’ NK – would have smashed that out of the block (Aint No Sunshine / No Diggity) ..’ But, then again shoulda woulda coulda are the last words of a fool – as Beverley Knight, reprises on one of hit records and I ain’t no fool. It’s a game show and someone had to be played. Thats why, you won’t find me on there.

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This is what happens, when you leave the truth behind :: We shall miss Autumn. She cracked under pressure ..’ Billy Holliday wont start singing rock music because of a TV Show, for ratings ..’ She should have stuck to ballads ..’ Done a Whitney or Mariah Ballad – Stick to what you do best ..’ I BLAME YOUR MENTOR. Play to your strengths. Love you.  You are beautiful. Your time will come :: #‎RealTalk‬ ‪#‎BlackMusic‬ ‪#‎VoiceUK‬ ‪#‎MercyfulGrace‬

Life is precious – enjoy every moment. Even when you see your haters, smile and dance in front of them ..’ Do Your David Dance – Boo! Or, maybe, you like to do a ‘Rikky P’ dance too, to shake off the fear of the blues. One thing, I know – I am militant when I want to get results. I’ll say thou, in addition – obedience, and attention to the ‘Holy Spirit’s detail’ – is always ‘Key’. If you want to get things done spiritually.
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I put my hands up – I can be a rebellious child, sometimes – but, thats why Jesus is not through with me yet. He loves me like no other me ..’ I aint going no where …’ Thank you God for your Love* and insurmountable graces :: Because of you, I’m alive ..’ I rebel against – further mental, social, economical, and political slavery. So, I sing songs of freedom, share & write them too. Then they talk about, down to earth – artists.
MwecyfulGrace Blog
How can you be down to earth and normal, 24/7, in an industry, viciously, ravaged by parasites, crooks, thieves and sociopath where, Godly people die like pigs at a slaughter-house and Godless people, get away with career and xter assassinations, like everyday is xmas ..’ Please, don’t make me laugh ..’
The lawyers, accountants, labels and agents are all, in on it. You need God, to navigate that crazy mind f**kery, where backstabbing eyes are constantly lying to you, that you are the boss, when they are – and own you! I am not advocating anarchy – I’m challenging you to think outside the box. Very few in our entertainment industries care about the love for Art. They care about the money and we know the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is good, but not when it’s evil and dirty. Mercy!
Maybe God isn’t through with you too, yet! The mind is so beautiful, yet so fragile. If you allow jealous spirits in, they will destroy it, for you ..’ Not everyone who is with you, is for you. Why? Jealousy, is the root of Hatred. At the end of the day, it’s all down to purpose. What is your purpose? Do you even know?

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award WINNING Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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