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If only 10 percent of the black folks from this forum – went online, to leave a review, bought or SHARED our music – don’t you think, we’d be a step forward?

Support your own – buy into black music & brands. Action – Less talk. I’m still waiting to see how many black folks in this group are going to support and comment positively – constructively, on the musicians work(s) – in this group. I’m a musician – for starters.

Even, if only 10 percent of the black folks, from this forum – went online, to leave a review, bought or shared our music – don’t you think we are a step forward? The truth is – black folks are hoping a Messiah, will come and do it for them. I don’t think the Jews, waited – for handouts from anyone.

So don’t complain – your black artists are not getting the recognition they deserve, when you don’t support them in the first place. Black people – keep asking me for free cd’s – Why ??? Why don’t you go online – and buy like everyone else. I buy music of other artistes and I support other artistes too. Both famous and infamous.

White people rearly, ask me for, free music. They always buy – on the spot. And may I say, I have more fans – outside the UK, than, in the UK, and they are not black. These are truths for you to process. Support your own – buy into black music & brands – action – less talk.

Anthony Everest -

Now, maybe this is why, white folks are ripping off, black music, allegedly, because black folks are not celebrating, it, (Their Own), as they should, or aren’t prepared to put value on it, as they ought to! I don’t get what culture and music have in common ..’ Music is art .. culture is tradition ..’ Art is pure truths – and always brand new – where culture is set in time, or in stone – mostly ..’ I do concede, culture, may change, over time, otherwise, this post, will be pointless

Tyrese Interview By Aremuorin - Anthony Everest for -

As I said – these are truths for you to process. Music and Art will give you truths. Culture and Music will give you commerce. The truth is, Music and Art, in truth; will give you commerce eventually – if you stay with it (in truth) ..’ Anything devoid of the truth has no power. It’s not opaque. It’s transparent. It’s a pack of cards – that’s about to tumble down – sooner or later!

Well, I wont blame those who sell out – its a choice. I chose not to …’ But I can’t speak for another dude, hungry or starving, or those who have fewer options in life ..’  Perhaps, a family to feed.
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For every Chris Brown there are tons of artists – struggling in London alone, times world. Support them ..’ The major artistes are controlled, and told what to do, most of the time. If we all support them – they won’t be in that position, in the first place. Dont blame black artistes when they sell out, or go pop – when you don’t’ show them love ..’
Damilola Adegbite & Anthony Everest - Flower Girl
When I turn on the radio, sometimes. I’m instantly turned off ..’ Especially – the commercial ones. I start digging – out classics to help me keep the plot ..’ Marvin, Ella, Billy, Whitney, Monica, Brandy, Stevie, Early Mariah, Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Aretha, Sam Cooke ..’ The list is endless ..
Anthony Everest -
Please, don’t refer to some of those illuminate clans as musicians to me ..’ Thats Music and Culture right there ..’ The product is commerce, not Art, and neither; music, nor truths ..’ If you only knew what you were letting yourself, into. You would stay where you are in light! Just because people disapprove of your visions don’t make them right. The Pharaohs did not believe in God, and the Jews murdered Jesus, then mocked him. So, now what would you do ..’ I say MercyfulGrace Prayers!
‘Kiss Me Baby – EP :: Anthony Everest ::
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