That’s life: Racism vs Terrorism.

London. Heart warming love. Keep safe. They can’t stop us from loving nor loving out loud ..’

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That’s life. We all have perspectives. Good for you if you disagree. But a man who says he knows everything knows nothing at all ..’ As a humanitarian writer and musician, I am challenged here to love.

Covet racism exists in the UK. It’s the hardest kind of racism to combat and that’s why it thrives. Truth hurts ..’ People turn to playing games to stay alive and not living truths. I know many who left UK and never looked back. Tiwa Savage is a good example.

This issue is not the gospel of Jesus nor set in stone. While some may stay, to play the game. Some, rather keep it real. These are real life facts. Love will save the day in my own view. Multiculturalism in the UK does not make it less racist than any other country.

Often those afraid of loosing their white privileges are the first in line to deny it and coon for their coins. Meanwhile, UK built an empire of proliferating off other countries empires.

Me liking you has nothing to do with being black or white, rich or poor, straight or gay. I just like good people. 

You loose me and / or my respect when white establishments play black origin music, for instance, like it’s their mantra, or white privilege, but remain covetly racist, like no man’s business to blacks. Like I said, love will save the day.

Maybe terrorism will go away when nations respect other nations and their cultures. Read a book on it if you don’t believe ..’ 

Damien Hirst is a prime example who recently reincarnated this controversial muddy watered, notion, before he got circumnavigated by the media, and indegenous blacks protecting their cultures, traditions and history that he tried to pass off as his works ..’

Respect for our larger communities will cure this cancer. It’s a symptom of a larger undiagnosed problem of racism and prejudice among other things like power.

It gets very messy, un-cultured and a threat to peace. Love is the cure. Loving our neighbours as our selves ..’
By Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Aremuorin ft. Anthony Everest

Jollof Rice and Tilapia

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By Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

(C) 2017 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Daniel Lismore – ‘Walking Art’.

You are a dark horse my friend !!! God bless you ..’ Now. That’s art ..’ #Fabulosophy personified with class and rhetoric visualisation.

Your mind is sick and I mean that in the most laudable incandescent sense. I think you are going to be remembered in the veins of Picasso, Gogh and Wilde, one day.

The flare in your eye is magic and full of mysterious inpenetrable imaginations like that egg ..’ You, my friend, hold the power to that mystery.

Your bullets can't penetrate me. Throwing eggs can't hurt me. #readyaimfire @hermes @theofficialselfridges #makemeanartwork. Now I have a fabulous paint covered @alexandermcqueen jacket! #blankcanvas #hermes #selfridges #makingart #iamart #splash 💦 #artforfreedom #hermessalon #crazycarre

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God bless you like the days of the stars. I thank God for the day I met you and your beautiful friend. Hold up thou. Jesus – loves you.  …’

The devil is a liar. Just before its beautiful it must fall apart like that old say. Don’t barge. I commend you and salute your gifts. God works in mysterious ways. I believe. Bless You ..’

I nearly missed it. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe they are divine miracles. You are one truth enwraped in love ..’Take your time to enravel ..’

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Living art work. Exhibited in Tate Modern/Britain Galleries. Face of H&M. Creative Director & fashion label Sorapol. SCAD exhibition opens 22nd Jan 2016

By Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Life – ‘Learning’

We are all learning. I do every day. More about ourselves and the mysteries of life. No one was born with a survival manual guide to life.


It was learned; percieved and acquired. Some got it right, while some got it tragically wrong. Some manipulated it through religion and politics. Some are just none the wiser ..’

A bountiful love, full of joy; may it depart, never, from you and I, and those around you always.
To find the layers that deep within – you need to first – uncover the blinds – that layer – deep with out.


You can hate me but I’m a tell you the truth. The bullshit is not here. It’s over there!

Nobody can Serve Money & God. They don’t go hand in hand. It’s a spiritual waste of time.

Dear God, remove my enemies, from my path, less you make mockery of them with your wrath, through my gifts, mercilessly ..’ For, I shall burn them up in the spirit to the ground by your will, if it be !!!!!!!


Dear police officer. You are meant to protect the citizen and people. How would you feel if this  was the outcome of your loved ones life? Your daughter, son, sibling, relative or friend. Even an animal deserves some mercy.

America You disgust me. You treat humanity like dirt in your veins ..’ Where are all the black people in that country who are RICH and POWER-FULL? Have they all been bought, too?

To find the layers, that deep within, you need to first uncover; the blinds that layer, deep without.

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By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Heterosexuality – ‘Hetero Men’



My friend says – ‘Some straight men are 9 pints away from being drunk and hunk’. So, I said, ‘then they will funk the night away, or right away, when they are drunk enough? Funny that !!!’

I find it funny, occasionally, when I’m in public and certain guys avoid me. Its clear that they are running from themselves as a result of self denial issues. Even worse. When some come up to me and say – ‘Why are you looking at me like that’.

Like – What-the-f**K. You are such a nob that you think every dude like me is really interested in looking at you and giving you a nano second of my time.

An unattractive, boring – zero personality – foul mouthed, deluded, insecure f***king amateur like you? Yeah right! Dream on – Darling! How about, Now F**K OFF !!!

I live my life outside of the box because when I die they’re going to put me into one! – Tyler Perry

Truth is, human beings who can attract both genders are great members of the evolved, human species. Alexander The Great was one of them. He is one of my favourite all time characters from history.

I think any ‘Hetero’ man who gets a pass, from another member of the same gender should politely decline, but be politely flattered.

I think it’s a great compliment. You will be probably be iconised, or remembered, like Frank Ocean, Counter Cullen, Alvin Ailey, Malcolm X, Carey Grant, Georgia Armani, Clive Davis and etc

Found some of these fascinating names above listed here

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By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Queen Charlotte – ‘First Black Queen of England’.

Saw this post on Facebook and had to re share. Facsinating !!! While some critics allude to the fact that

“There were Black people here when the Romans arrived, so she probably was not the first.”

My stance is

“Well, until there is evidence otherwise, Snap. She is. Notably and worthy. A Queen all the way. This is not flattery.”


Princess Sophie Charlotte was born in 1744. She was the first Black Queen of England.

Charlotte was the eighth child of the Prince of Mirow, Germany, Charles Louis Frederick, and his wife, Elisabeth Albertina of Saxe-Hildburghausen. In 1752, when she was eight years old, Sophie Charlotte’s father died. As princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Sophie Charlotte was descended directly from an African branch of the Portuguese Royal House, Margarita de Castro y Sousa. Six different lines can be traced from Princess Sophie Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa. She married George III of England on September 8, 1761, at the Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace, London, at the age of 17 years of age becoming the Queen of England and Ireland.


There were conditions in the contract for marriage, ‘The young princess, join the Anglican church and be married according to Anglican rites, and never ever involve herself in politics’. Although the Queen had an interest in what was happening in the world, especially the war in America, she fulfilled her marital agreement. The Royal couple had fifteen children, thirteen of whom survived to adulthood. Their fourth eldest son was Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, later fathered Queen Victoria.

Queen Charlotte made many contributions to Britain as it is today, though the evidence is not obvious or well publicized. Her African bloodline in the British royal family is not common knowledge. Portraits of the Queen had been reduced to fiction of the Black Magi, until two art historians suggested that the definite African features of the paintings derived from actual subjects, not the minds of painters.


In Queen Charlotte’s era slavery was prevalent and the anti-slavery campaign was growing. Portrait painters of the royal family were expected to play down or soften Queen Charlotte’s African features. Painters such as Sir Thomas Lawrence, who painted, Queen Charlotte in the autumn of 1789 had their paintings rejected by the royal couple who were not happy with the representations of the likeness of the Queen. These portraits are amongst those that are available to view now, which could be seen as continuing the political interests of those that disapprove of a multi-racial royal family for Britain. Sir Allan Ramsey produced the most African representations of the Queen and was responsible for the majority of the paintings of the Queen. Ramsey’s inclination to paint truer versions of the Queen could be seen to have come from being ‘an anti-slavery intellectual of his day. The Coronation painting by Ramsey, of the Queen was sent out to the colonies/commonwealth and played a subtle political role in the anti-slavery movement. Johann Zoffany also frequently painted the Royal family in informal family scenes.


Queen Charlotte was a learned character, her letters indicate that she was well read and had interests in the fine arts. The Queen is known to have supported and been taught music by Johann Christian Bach. She was extremely generous to Bach’s wife after Bach’s death. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, at aged eight dedicated his Opus 3 piece to the Queen at her request. Also an amateur botanist, Queen Charlotte helped to establish Kew Gardens bringing amongst others the Strelitzia Reginae, a flowering plant from South Africa. The Queen who had the first one in her house in 1800 introduced the Christmas tree to England. It was said to be decorated with, ‘sweetmeats, almonds and raisins in papers, fruit and toys. Also the Queen Charlotte Maternity hospital was established in London. Set up as a charitable institution, it is the oldest maternity care institution in England.


Queen Charlotte died on November 17, 1818 at Dutch House in Surrey, now Kew Palace, in the presence of her eldest son, the Prince Regent. She is buried at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. The only private writings that have survived are Queen Charlotte’s 444 letters to her closest confidant her older brother, Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. On 23 May 1773 in a letter, the Queen felt she was in a position of privilege yet a task. Her Christian faith was a protection and a method of endurance, as she quotes from the Bible and recognizes her role as a royal of God beyond her royal role on earth. An exhibition took place in 2004, at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace displaying Charlotte and George’s collections and tastes in the arts. Queen Charlotte was the great great-great grandmother of the present Queen Elizabeth II who still lives in the expanded Buckingham House, now Buckingham Palace. Kew gardens still flourishes and is always being expanded, also the Queen Charlotte maternity hospital and many other places still carry her name in honor globally such as Charlotte town, Canada and Fort Charlotte, St Vincent, West Indies.

Just like you, there are many more in the dark. Share this ray of light with them, now. Now that you know ..’

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By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘The Love’ – of Hate


My skin grew thicker by the hour like rubber. Elastic and beyond confines. I therefore burn every camouflaged demon in my memory occupying space.

Resting on the glory of love and its resting on me. AMEN.

I see love on many faces, and they are, all familiar; to me.


If love is not the truth, then my name is lucifer ..’ Question is, do you even know what love is? You probably call it hate!

Or is that what you were taught; to know, to see, to love, to believe? Now you’ve become! What is love to you?

Scandalous randomness of human fragility, shenanigans and stupidity. Unbelievable!

Looking at you, I can tell you are weak, from the way you speak, to the sole of your feet. Your moves, when we meet – tell me more than I need to seek.

And when you turn your cheek, I can only think of things that could almost make me freak.

It runs deep. Like the walls of Jericho, although, you know, although you won’t know. So, go slowly – son. You need this. Peace. Find it within.



The beauty of love is, it never dies. It grows like a flame and a burning passion of desire; even absent mindedly, or away, from view ..’

It’s free and freed indeed. This love is my kind of loving. It glows like no other pain I’ve ever known.

Dear God

Why did I spend my precious moments with people who are miseducated, miserables; projecting their sadness and embittered souls – thinking, it was my fault?

Lovers of self, money and rooters of evil. Seekers of discords. Champions of luciferianism.

Worst still, occupying them in my solice and peace, with my time. Hope has walked through that door and I have my refuge at last.

Love. God is. Amen. I pray for you. May God forgive you. Lord Jesus – #MercyfulGrace

But there’s a kind of love that walks away, and says; nothing!

By Aremuorin


Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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