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Isaiah 44:6 ‘6 ‘Thus saith the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God’.

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This is a serious post ..’ Maybe because I am in the industry, and its unmissable, in my face, daily, challenged to stop mentioning Jesus or God, or waving it in their faces.
Thou, I don’t – its the fear – of, waved around, in their minds – causing them to guilt trip – I can’t, help but ponder, deeply, the gravity of this war! Either way – its a way – none the less. I simply express my faith and go about my business
Now I know why, Jesus – went away 40 days to fast and pray, and why the devil messed with him – attempted-ly. He told his disciples, watch and pray for me – they fell asleep, on the mount of transfiguration. Now, surprise, surprise – Jesus is commercialised everywhere – even the music industry, rips him off! Ala Whitney.
And if, thats not the case – they are busy calling God – Religion and franchising it around the world. Mercy! We need our own saviours and time to wake up ..’ After Madonna’s saga at the BRIT’S, I was caught off guard paying, props/tribute to her PR Genius, devised fall – and got hooked, as a new fan, then went on to her face page to like it – but it took me one minute to look at her last picture post, and what she was holding up, calling it ‘Living Up For Love’ – that made me, unlike it – speedily. I guess my idea of love is a little different, but respect her creativity’s truth. This is not about judging or condemnation – its about standing for what you believe, and every one has a right to do that as it suits them.
So forgive me – if I’m waving Jesus around with God in your faces. Who else am I going to call, trust and rely on – as a true friend? He speaks to me and walks with me and is always spot on when it comes to revelations and truths, past, present and futures – predictably. Now, thats loyalty.

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