One Savage to another: From Ngozi Fulani to Candace Owens

Written by Aremuorin

Unless you are on Pluto or Mars, you would have heard of these two formidable voices.

As much as I believe education is paramount, diversity and inclusion can never be undermined, the tone in which we pursue this, is key. Personally, I ask about folk’s heritage as I want to learn.

For example, I still can’t distinguish between Canadians and Americans when they speak, so I do ask. Also, I am bad at telling apart my brothers and sisters from, Korea, China, Japan or Malaysia sometimes. So, I do politely ask to be educated and informed.

I think Ngozi Fulani felt interrogated, perhaps – this is why this took a different tangent. We could all learn …’

Brings me to Candace Owens. Always been fascinated by her free thoughts. This clip had me thinking too, as I do agree. No more industry puppet masters. Can we have some more diversity and inclusion please.

Candace Owen

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