What Do You think Of White Jesus & Bad Religion? – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace #SundayConfessions

Written by Anthony Everest

I can’t wait for this. Even if one soul shows up or half a soul. Job done. We have always found brand new ways to turn flickers into flames.

Tyra Sanchez is back as James Ross
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What do you think of White Jesus & Bad Religion? Na Wa ooo !!! Watch this space. Sorry we rusty with the 1st one.

Sunday Confessions ♥️🌹

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Thanks to everyone who supported or tuned in.

I would admit I underestimated the challenge, yet we came through. Sorry about the tech bleeps.

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Love ♥️🌹.

Be very careful the Christians you let into your life. I speak from experience and we will go into this a bit more on Sunday.

Abrahams blessings are mine ♥️

Insecure but sure. Desperate for cure. Shades off pure indecision eschew you from found few. There you brew till you flew from grace. Although, it’s over, it’s not too late.

There is no cure like pure love. When it’s found, it knows no bounds. I hope you tread the path. That path that leads you there, peacefully.

Little miracles happen everyday, and they are not always the same. They happen in miraculous places, spaces and time.

Truth is, White Jesus is not the same as Jesus of Nazareth. The latter came to set the captives free. The former took the captives away on a slave ship, out of Africa on a ship called ‘Good Ship Jesus’ for 400 years, and won’t set them free.

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Forgiveness is like religion. You have to practice it. Hardly, but inevitably, it’s a necessary evil.

Arguably, time takes best of toll. Stay surely blessed, and stronger ..’

Are you here to talk about some disciples of Jesus who wrote the New Testaments of the Bible but who could not cast out demons?

That’s what I thought. Keep your eyes on the cross. Jesus said it’s finished.


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