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No offence, but real talk:

Lets cut the bull for a second. Some folks in life are just takers and great manipulators; who are driven by #sociopathy.

Great delusions:

A day will avail when all hidden wickedness and from such low vibrating entities will be made known. I assume they think we also think they are opaque.

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God is not a man who would lie. His justice and ways are not devoid of utter; reproach, without mercy on that day, for those who transgress, the rights of others with short cuts to their long and distant objective worthy of a long route enwrapped in due diligence.

Lovers & Truthers:

Keep giving. Givers are never without, unlike takers who have nothing to give in love but empty hearts.

Betrayal - Aremuorin

Spiritual laws:

I wont stop evoking it on them like heaps of coal on those anomalies. You may fool some, but not all of us. We are spiritual beings having a physical manifestation in experience.


I know many a few who died mysteriously, consequentially; of strange diseases, when Gods justice; sped pass their households, and friends, like a plague.


God’s property is not a toy for the foolish. So think carefully before you trespass the rights of others. You might be playing with a holy different kind of fire.


Evilness is a vibration that you can pick up like love; or transmit. So, you can’t fool folks if you aren’t vibrating #right.

Racism & White Supremacy:

I’ll never forget my vivid life changing vision of the road to hell and heaven. I remember it crystal clear. It was real. I was there in humanoid form experientially!


That’s why I’m only spending these days with only good #friends with good #energy.

That is also why I know for an undeniable fact, unto infinity: God is not a man who would #lie ..’ – #In14Ways

#Light #Love #Power

By Aremuorin

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