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Anthony Everest –

Romans 11 : 33

Oh, the depth of the #riches both of the #wisdom and #knowledge of #God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!

God First: Humble me. May God keep us away from all evil. Stay positive & Keep the #faith. His ways are always a mystery. Come with speed for our #need to #heed ..’

The #devil is nothing but a #cancer that wants to #eat away your soul. Don’t let it. The devil is a liar ..’

How can you argue with this when it’s our daily lived truths. They don’t like the truth.

So, they purport narratives that we are crazy or try to make us seem.

I’m like “I know what I said and I know what you heard”.

I don’t argue with demons, sociopaths & psychopaths anymore. I simply rebuke and bind them ..’ Love is #easy. It’s not anarchy. The latter is the devil. #God is #love.

Even when the grand devil lingers over you. Smile. Pray! For, He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.

Anthony Everest –

There’s a well, inside, that disdains the pain of anarchy. It’ll never dry. For as long love is alive. It’ll never die.

God is not dead. Pray*. We Must. In every *language or dialect. *Fire burn Lucifer.

It’s a natural progression. You can’t surround yourself with people who think backwards and move forward.

When the gates of love open, they overflow. Nothing can stop it. You can have it all but to what end. Now is not forever. Humble me.

#Light #Love #Power

By Anthony Everest

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