To Function Under Gods, #Glory ..’ – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

When #God is ready to disgrace your adversary, the devil; He will do it, like #David disgraced #Goliath, with 5 #stones. Get #slinging in the #spirit. #Pray ..’

To Function Under Gods Glory, Anointing, and Blessings, is a whole different kind of Talent, Entirely ..’

That kind of stuff is not for sale, and hey, Lord of Mercy. Have Mercy on every single one of us who tries to deviate from the Source of Great Things.

BCuz, I tell you now, it’s a waste of time when you contradict your (the) source. I hear “Great Thing’s” and that’s all I want to do.


When I talk of this – I’m not saying – run from your blessings – by all means, take them, but make sure, you understand what they are.

My great friend and colleague. The amazing “Vocalist, Rachel Mathews”. She can sing the phone book 😶. I stage managed her for a “Stephen Laurence”, fundraise Concert, in 2012; performing alongside Omar & Anthony Everest, and she slayed the house down !!!

Don’t give your talents for devilish consecrations. Sounds like I’m talking about religious deal breakers here but I’m just speaking from my heart. Have a nice day. Smile.

A famous preacher once said: “Until you have walked amongst demon’s you won’t know how they operate”. I concur humbly ..’

We live in a world where people wrong are telling us they are right suppressing our own #God given #intusions.

Nice people are rare. Why? Life is complicated and everybody appears to be running self preservation games, agendas or trying to get ahead of the next.

In spite: when you search diligently; intricately, you can tell the wheat from the shaft. After all. Don’t loose faith. Keep that chin up! You might be lucky to have a great friend like “Rachel Mathews”, one day!

In the mean time, take it, to the alter. A friend in “Jesus” is the greatest privilege to carry, but it’s up to you to believe, to receive this grace ..’

A famous preacher once said: “Until you have walked amongst demon’s, you won’t know, how they operate”. I concur #humbly ..’ – #In14Ways

By Anthony Everest

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