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Written by Osubor John

The term LORD of lords (Ps 136:3) means that we are lords over GOD’s creatures. How?

As HE is so are we (1 John 4:17). So if HE is the LORD so are we lords. The LORD of the earth said “I will consecrate their gains to me” (Micah 4:13); “Every pots …shall be holiness unto the LORD” (Zech 14:21); “The silver is mine, the gold is mine” (Haggai 2:8); “and I will fill this house with glory” (Vs7). Who are the house of GOD? The church which is you and I (Heb 3:6).

Now, as the FATHER sent our LORD JESUS, so has HE sent us (John 20:21). To do what? To consecrate the gains of the world to HIM, gather all the silvers, the golds, every riches, the oil, the money, the lands, the animals, etc. To HIM; to fill HIS house with them

Whatever GOD says HE will do, HE delegated to JESUS who now delegated it to you and I. Ye shall receive power or be authorized (Acts 1:8). To do what? To gather all the wealth of the universe and dedicate it to GOD and manage it.

The scriptures says that CHRIST will reign over everything (1 Cor 15:25) and gather them (Col 1:20, 1 Cor 15:27, 28) and fill HIS house which we are. CHRIST will do this through us. The scripture says CHRIST lives in us (Gal 2:20). So HE carries out HIS activities through us.

Whether you are an employee who work for somebody or you are a sole proprietor or you are into partnership or own a corporation, etc. You are a trader (merchant).

CHRIST has given us anointed gifts, skills, talents, experiences, etc. So we are the duly certified and empowered merchants of the earth to trade that which HE has given unto us according to the parable of the talents. HIS word says that we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of power may be of GOD and not of us (Heb 3:6). So, we are the vessels GOD have been empowered (authorized) by HIS SPIRIT to duly trade our gifts in exchange for the riches of this world.

Our marketing and sales efforts will be so empowered that the world cannot compete with us because our empowerment is from above and whatever that is from above is above all (John 3:31). Our fliers, cards, brochures, proposals, CV’s, handbills, emails, texts, calls, etc. are anointed by the HOLY SPIRIT in us.

Whatsoever we lay our hands to touch carries the anointing of the HOLYSPIRIT because we are anointed (John 14:17). Our hands are anointed. So the jobs or projects or businesses at our hands will begin to bring forth results because our anointed hands has transferred anointing to them. Same with our mouths (1 Cor 3:16). They are bound to produce profits. Because it is not going to be by our human efforts but by the HOLY SPIRIT (Zech 4:6).

Now, any trading not authorized (anointed) by GOD will not stand the tests of times. The day of the LORD shall burn as oven (Mal 4:1). There are going to be economic meltdowns, downsizings, merger and acquisitions, stock crashes, etc. There is going to be a shaking (Heb 12:27) that if you are not empowered or duly authorized by GOD, your business will be shaking out of the earth.

In the parable of the talent, the ones with five and two talent traded and made profit because they were empowered to do so. JESUS said in John 15:5, on your own you cannot do anything. So those people were empowered to trade and make profits. So if you are not, you will be shaken out of the market place. Now with these, time will come when customers will only buy from those who are anointed to trade.

You are in charge. Stop quarrelling about words. Take charge of that situation.

With this, I say we are in command. Let’s start commanding things to start working. Let’s start commanding the works of our hands to be productive. We are the lords of GOD’s creatures. They will obey our instructions. GOD commanded the sea not to overflown its bank (Job 38:11). HE spoke to the earth to bring forth the moving animals and it did; and HE spoke to the sea to produce fishes and it did (Gen 1:24, 20).

And because we are created in HIS image and likeness (Gen 1:26, 27), we will begin to do the works HE did. So lets say to the works of our hands, be fruitful. Bring forth profits. And they will obey us. They will obey our instructions because we are their lords. They will serve us.

They are waiting for us to set them free from corruption; from the hands of the wicked. That’s why GOD says HE will consecrate their gains to HIMSELF. GOD, through the power of HIS SPIRIT in us, will begin to free the wealth of this world from their hands and bring it to HIMSELF.

Now I say, by the power of the HOLYSPIRIT in you, command those wealth to be free from the hands of the devil and come to you in the name of JESUS. Command everything in the heavens and the earth to work for your good. They are at your command and not at the devil’s command. Take charge!

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