Euphemia Chukwu in 14 ways ..’

Euphemia Chukwu –

Meet Lawyer, Author and Gospel Singer Euphemia Chukwu.

1. How are you today.

I am fine thank you MercyfulGrace


2. What moves me.

A lot of things move me but predominately God is the one that is always moving me in everything that I do.


3. Why should you be yourself. 

It is important to be yourself because when you are yourself is when you are at your best…there is joy, there is peace. There is no pressure to please anyone or to fit in into anybody else’s expectations. You fulfil your God given purpose.


4. What consumes you most of alI.

My faith in Christ Jesus


5. Your favourite music to wind down to.

 Christian music


6. The best past time

Spending time with family and friends

Sandra by Euphemia Chukwu –


7. Who does not annoy you.

Doers and not talkers


8. How do you deal with negative people.

I try to stay away from negative people so they do not contaminate my environment.

Sandra by Euphemia Chukwu

9. Best advice you were given.

You do not chase after fame…fame will chase after you.


10. Who inspires you.

Many people inspire me…people that encourage others to succeed and works hard. People that fear and love God like Dr. Myles Munroe.


11. What you will never do again.

Waste time looking back on past mistakes. The past is gone, move on.


12. Best place you’ve been.



13. How would you like to be remembered.

As a true child of the Most High God, A woman who lived a Christ filled life impacting lives of many.

Pastor Federick Chukwu and Euphemia Chukwu –

14. Your ideal place in 5 years time.

Established in my profession, married and mentoring young people.

By Aremuorin

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