Alex Gede in 14 ways

Meet Alex Gede. A model, fitness instructor and a start up fashion entrepreneur with an infectous positive outlook towards life ..’

1. How are you today.

My day is great thanks.

2. Where are you from. 

Originally from Bayelsa state in Nigeria. Native language is Ijaw. Do not ask me to say anything in it.

3. How are you finding modelling.

I really enjoy it. Always loved the ideal of being someone else. Art and creativity never gets boring.

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4. What’s life like being a boss in fashion.

It is still work in progressing. I just want to give something back to the African community. 

5. Is it easy being a dad and a fashionista.

It is not easy as I need to get back home in time for days I promised to spend time with them, But they are a blessing and a delight. So it makes every thing worth it.

6. Your fav bad habits.

If I start a movie or tv series, can’t stop.

7. Your best modelling job and why? 

Playing FBI agent for a BBC sketch show was so much fun. Was the first time I was given my own cabin and all that. Plus the shooting was at the Warner Bros studio with Fantastic beast and where to find them 2 shooting next door.

8. Your worst nighmare.

Being unhealthy and out of shape. When growing up, I hated food because I was scared of putting on weight.

9. A place to revist. 

Paris. Was too short a stay.

10. Goals for fashion afric. 

To be the first choice for online African fashion shopping all over the world. We are still enrolling designers and speeding time promoting the website.

11. Who loves you most.

My mother. I do not tell her when I am stressed or down as it will make her worst than me and I will need to help her get better instead of focusing on me. Haha.

12 What would you do differently as a model

We need to find a way to get models doing less unpaid works. Or even more pay.

13. Do you find prejuduce a challenge in fashion. 

Prejuduce is everywhere. I don’t pay attention to it. I focus on positive things and my goals.

14. Where do you see yourself in 5 years. 

Fully self sufficient and self empowered. Completely my own boss. An African tour promoting Afric fashion pride and helping designers in Africa see how they can conquer the outside world is in the works too.

More info about Alex and fashion Afric can be found at

Thank you Alex. You are a bright rising star! Dont stop slaying. May God increase you and your family. Amen ..’

By Aremuorin
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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Euphemia Chukwu in 14 ways ..’

Euphemia Chukwu –

Meet Lawyer, Author and Gospel Singer Euphemia Chukwu.

1. How are you today.

I am fine thank you MercyfulGrace


2. What moves me.

A lot of things move me but predominately God is the one that is always moving me in everything that I do.


3. Why should you be yourself. 

It is important to be yourself because when you are yourself is when you are at your best…there is joy, there is peace. There is no pressure to please anyone or to fit in into anybody else’s expectations. You fulfil your God given purpose.


4. What consumes you most of alI.

My faith in Christ Jesus


5. Your favourite music to wind down to.

 Christian music


6. The best past time

Spending time with family and friends

Sandra by Euphemia Chukwu –


7. Who does not annoy you.

Doers and not talkers


8. How do you deal with negative people.

I try to stay away from negative people so they do not contaminate my environment.

Sandra by Euphemia Chukwu

9. Best advice you were given.

You do not chase after fame…fame will chase after you.


10. Who inspires you.

Many people inspire me…people that encourage others to succeed and works hard. People that fear and love God like Dr. Myles Munroe.


11. What you will never do again.

Waste time looking back on past mistakes. The past is gone, move on.


12. Best place you’ve been.



13. How would you like to be remembered.

As a true child of the Most High God, A woman who lived a Christ filled life impacting lives of many.

Pastor Federick Chukwu and Euphemia Chukwu –

14. Your ideal place in 5 years time.

Established in my profession, married and mentoring young people.

By Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

(C) 2017 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest

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MercyfulGrace LoveBlog Diaries with ‘Aremuorin – Anthony Everest’ – Somebody Loves You

Happy People – I just want to say; thank you for Jesus :: Even our enemies and frenemies need this redemption. Imagine – they convert and turn that passion for wickedness to goodness.
Can you imagine how good they’d be. Remember Saul – who became Paul – the persecutor of Xtains! – Amen :: No body has the right to judge anybody.
Don’t think your sh*t don’t stink as bad as the right person next to you :: Mercy! Mercyfulgrace

God Is Love and Will Use Anybody – if He So Desires :: His spirit searcheth for all good things! (The Holy Spirit). He likes to know the motives of the hearts.

But the person who loves you the most is the Almighty one. The Creator. Without his purpose, it’s a life of meaningless goals. Ask Me?

Amen :: I know it too well to know God to Recognise God!



But never let the mistakes or shortcomings of others deter your blessings in God. For God Is Love* :: BY ALL MEANS AVOID BAD PEOPLE INFLUENCING YOU NEGATIVELY. BUT DON’T AVOID THE COMMUNION WITH GOD!

YOU DO WHAT YOU DO :: You sing! You sing on them!! You sing them underneath the floor!!! That’s what you do – Whitney Houston