The KKK: Ignorance

​If you think people who are right look right all the time you would miss the point #looking right all the time ..’ 

– Anthony Everest

#Racism is just pure #ignorance like the #KKK justifies it’s #antics with the #bible, ‘Love Your #Neighbour As Yourself’. How can self #hate #love? 

But then again. Who wrote the bible is another great question. Cuz God existed and was, doing great things before the bible. 

There were sun and stars and humans before the bible and they co-existed in harmony. And when there was war – it was not because of religion; as prevalent, now – soiled with power mongering incessant hate.

They think love looks like a boy a girl. Wrong or right. Love does not care If you are Jew or Greek. Black or white. That’s love. Not White Supremacy

A gaslighting; malignant, narcissist sociopath – does not fool me darling. There’s good and bad in everyone. They call it freewill but I choose love ..’

Some tired souls like to dim other peoples light thinking theirs will shine brighter. It does not work like that ..’

Written By @AnthonyEverest
#Hypocrites #SelfRighteousness

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