They said there is no white or black?

When blacks lament and coin the phrase ‘White People’ they imply ‘White Supremacy’. It’s not an individual attack ..’

– Aremuorin

A brave young black man spilled some Jewels on social media recently. It’s going viral.

Dumb ass dim witted coons are linning up to express their foolishness to defend their pay cheques whilst calling all their half witted friends and family to tag along too. Watch !!!

I always say, when they say there is no white or black, take away their ‘white privileges’. They will know the difference. Fools !!!

This is text book consciousness. Now. Tell me there is no evil in the world. I will say thou his anti lgbt comments made me laugh. Cuz that was a blatant projection. I guess we are all human after all …’

However, I salute this young man and don’t want to distract from his stance; the fight for justice, and eschewing racism. 

I’m pretty sure when we say ‘Black People’, we infer to the ‘Movement, Culture & Challenges’, not just drugs & crimes. 

Watch the young man’s video here 

#MercyfulGrace #Racism #WhiteSupremacy

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