Some Gospel Artistes?

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I think when you have seen enough bull sh*t that’s made you cry, laugh and walk away; all you can do is, hold your own and not loose your own. 

– Anthony Everest 

All that goodness God blessed you with. Meanwhile they fool you all that they are your darling angels. Please ..’
But then again, that’s what most humans do most of the time. After being a music publicist to gospel artistes I think I know why I don’t mock about with real talk. 100%.

Godly mercies to everyone. Thank you Jesus for the cover. Some people won’t make it through the night!

This is why this blog is important to me a lot. Many folks are broken. Trapped in make believe. Afraid of repercussion. Woven fabrics of incongruity. Leading a tragedy about to unfold.
But I love God. And when that spirit of revelation comes upon me, I am afraid of what I might say – if I think about it too long. Just might bottle out.

Spent enough time around fake people to know exactly how they work. That demonic spirit of sociopathy at it’s best ..’

I do not like religious abuse. And: I will be a pain in their rectum till they love me.

Reminds me:

Am I the only one who saw the 419 joke in #Power Aug 7th Season 4. I laughed. Only a real Nigerian will get it.

Had a gospel artiste once who disappeared with my original song with their music director from a major label. They met me in their hotel after so much talking. Never Saw the light of it again.


















A gaslighting; malignant, narcissist sociopath – does not fool me darling. There’s good and bad in everyone. They call it freewill but I choose love ..’

Gospel or no gospel. At the end of the day, its just the music business. Now don’t let the phrase ‘God bless you’ – readily con you now next time ..’ Next !!!


Written By @AnthonyEverest
#Hypocrites #SelfRighteousness

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