MercyfulGrace Diaries with David Cameron – ‘On Nigeria’s Corruption’


Cameron – People who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. Didn’t your family profit from slavery of the black race?


One of the abject; insidious, despicable, things and attrocities that happened to humanity. Yet; your country never paid us reparation. In fact, your family got reparation for the abolishment of slavery like other slave owners. That’s more than what we got.

UK, a haven for dirty money laundering and partners to un needed wars. Seriously – Cameron? Your family got compensation for the abolisment of slavery.


I think we’ve said enough. I used to like Cameron. Not so sure now. Nigeria is no angel but so is the commonwealth. Every nation needs to change justifiably. A radical fair change that is not bias nor pious sanctimoniously but reflects the best interest of the whole world living together as one.


Let’s talk about, sadistic, pillaging and plundering of nations; and stealing economies next time. It will be a long, long history lesson.


If people of colour, read more; and knew half of what the dominant race, knew, about them, they would never be slaves again ..’

Education is your ticket out; but you won’t find it in colourless books. Not what you are looking for. Not freedom; but – you would find ‘mental slavery’.

Let’s add this corruption to the agenda and make it better.

By Aremuorin


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