MercyfulGrace Diaries with Read – ‘Colour People’


#People of #colour, if you have to #bleach your #skin and your melanin away, a gift, from #God; something is seriously dead inside that needs awakening ..’ – Anthony Everest

Question is, ‘who told you they are superior; to make you, feel – inferior ..’

If I called you a slave, you would kick up a fuss, and fight me. But, you are! Mentally.

The final question is – ‘Who did that to you ..’ Who killed you inside?


My voice is loud and clear, reverberating; through the graves, of my ancestors. Flesh you can kill. Spirit you can not. It will haunt you; and gift you with unrest. Until you leave me alone and let me be.



If people of colour, read more; and knew half of what the dominant race, knew, about them, they would never be slaves again ..’

Education is your ticket out; but you won’t find it in colourless books. Not what you are looking for. Not freedom; but – you would find ‘mental slavery’.



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