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Today, I choose to inspire like I always do. When you see this remember – the blood of Jesus. The blood availeth much by faith.

Some people are so insecure and ruled by their fragile egos when they learn there’s another way people exist in harmony freely.




When they can’t – they become sociopaths or psychos. We call them fragile monsters. Two faced lieng backstabbers. Lovers and braggers of evil. Enemies if light.

They thrive well to a certain degree in showbiz but their days are numbered like the clouds that melt away into a blizzard of hopeless pandemonium.

Be careful ..’ Love is the only way. God epitomises that love through his son Jesus by shedding his blood. Amen


Thanking you Jesus ..’ The Grace of God avails much for those who seek and cry out unto to him – heart and soul …’ He sends forth his word unto to those who open up to his promises.

To those that love him. My God is a God of hearts. He speaks to my heart. I don’t know what he’s been telling you. But he tells me – ‘I am loved because of Jesus ..’

Today has been wonderful and I cant be more grateful for the sun ..’ Nice people. Awesome having spiritual eyes too. You can spot the bull from a mile when they sneak up on you.

Fire burn lucifer out of here. Just because we like to be nice does not mean we are targets for foolish deviant exploits with totalitarian luciferian-negative agendas. Wrong no!

Please hang up – and don’t try again …’ Amen

Sometimes – those demons will call you up on the phone just to see, if they can still – eff with you! I trust only God. God Is Love. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT LOVE IS.

The Devil is Liar –

I be like wrong no. Please hang up and don’t try again. There’s is very, little less repulsive; than any body, soliciting your money; with no genuine interest in your business ..’

Don’t you just find it skin crawling and insulting? Well. I do. Rude. Wrong No ..’ Please, don’t try again. I’m not a preacher, am not a teacher – I’m just a free speaker and a free thinker.

Amen –

Some people will have a melt down when they realise some of their religious leaders are planted luciferian disciples; to the core, masquerading – as angels, of light.

In a twinkle of an eye they have changed and you did not even notice. The love of stuff is the reason why! They keep coming after me and I be like. God Said no. No thank you. Not for me.

Just because I sing; does not mean, I’m on lucifers team. If you have eyes and ears. USE THEM NOW. The wars begun. The antichrist is already here ..’ ‪#‎MercyfulGrace‬

By Aremuorin





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