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I love performing live ..’ I get a supernatural rush and a feeling I’m closer to my maker.


It’s surreal, the things I feel. The places I touch. What I know. Things I see.

Then; I become one, with nature, kind, and love, and no other truths.

Bad Religion

Some folks just don’t get it ..’ When I look at bad religion it reminds of bad politicians.

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Nothing but the hustle. At least a pimp is brave enough to collect his on this streets; while religious cons do it behind the pulpit.

Anthony Everest & Sasha –

I wonder who needs redemption now?

If you think all churches (organised religions) are places of sanctuary; think again. Fell for that for too long.

#MercyfulGrace #NewWorldOrder


Truth Be Told

To grow; you need to wake up. Use your God given eyes. Tune into your soul and listen to your spirit.

He poured it into you a long time ago. When you were young, naive and innocent; but not stupid. Because, you believe in love.


It’s the only truth that matters. There is nothing above love. GOD IS LOVE ..’ Amen.


Religious Witch Hunting

Stop witch hunting unbelievers and sinners; you sad hypos and self righteous hypocrits. Re read your scriptures.


They same rope you hang them by will hang you, some day. THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE SO YE MAY NOT BE JUDGED.


You without sin, boo. Cast the first stone. LET ME SEE YA. Go ahead. You that are so pious. Or do you think you are opaque?

Jesus never did; or teach such a thing! Or whose report do you claim to believe? The apostles, fanatics, or the Son of God?

Thank God for the Holy Spirit. We would have lived a fearful existence of miserable anarchy subjected to an eternal harassment; in the name of those, who claim to own and distribute God.

You don’t own God nor are licenced to condemn anyone in his name; then, now or ever! Real talk.
It’s not up to you to judge or Joe blogs but God ..’ #MercyfulGrace. Amen

The Great, great, great ancestor of Jesus; Abraham – the father of Faith, had concubines. And, Rahab; the Nan of Jesus, was a whore!

Now. What’s your story again? Every picture is a frame. This one; is, you ..’

When you start to uncover the satanism in organised religions, you would hyperventilate ..’ A whitewash brainwash !!! Lawd Jesus ..’ I need me some –



Some women are snakes. Worse than Eve ..’ So I stay, the hell, away from them. Learned my lessons ..’ Mercyfulgrace

A good woman is priceless like fine jewels. But a bad one; is savage, like a beast in waiting.

A succulent thirsty vampire. I hate to admit. What ‘Eve’, did in 9, month’s, man does it a lifetime.

And still; non, the wiser ..’


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