MercyfulGrace Diaries with Mothers – ‘Day’


A good mother is a good woman. She will always honour the father of her kind and their kinds. She builds a home. Not a house.

The Holy Texts lamented that – He who finds a good women finds a beautiful thing. Rightly so.

A good woman is priceless like fine jewels. But a bad one; is savage, like a beast in waiting.

A succulent thirsty vampire. I hate to admit. What ‘Eve’, did in 9, month’s, man does it a lifetime.

And still; non, the wiser ..’

Some women are snakes. Worse than Eve ..’ So I stay, the hell, away from them. Learned my lessons ..’

Every picture is a frame and this one is you ..’

#MercyfulGrace #Happy #MothersDay

By Aremuorin


(C) 2016 Anthony Everest / MercyfulGrace

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