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‘Your mistakes on your own time .. ‘-  Joss Stone

I’m a very nice, sociable, caring and giving person but when people dis-respect, not once, not twice but outright; repeatedly; especially your professional work, name, or reputation – and think, they can warm their graces, back into your arms, unapologetic-ally, disingenuously – only to do it again, ‘I’m like – I see you in every frame’.


Wrong no !!! I am not your door mat. We are, officially; done! I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. You accept the love you think you deserve. I know my worth ..’ And that’s the story of life !!!


How you allow disrespectful people to treat you is exactly what you are projecting to them that you are ..’ Time to delete some more negative people again. Bam. Bring me light. Joy. Prosperity.

To love and light; I shine bright in. Testifying goodness, mercy and good works of God. I’m able to overcome all adversities.


Follow Your Dreams –

You have to learn when it’s time to part ways with folks, who are not ready for the next ladder, of your career, or else; they will drag you down – and keep you stalled, with their bitterness and negativity.

I learned a little late but not too late. You want friends who motivate you in your life not ones who demotivate you ..’

There is no room for negative talk in my life. Take it some where else. The devil is a liar. I refuse to listen to it.

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Remove them; or yourself, from those who don’t genuinely support your dreams and goals in life.

Either way, don’t let them cloud your vission. Focus on your mission. Your goal is your objective.

The Holy Text say’s – ‘Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh’. By the fruits of their lips; you shall know them.

#MercyfulGrace #Negative #People

By Aremuorin

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