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“The  white man committed the worst and most violent crimes in history, but somehow managed to convice the world negros is a threat.” – Michael Moore.

Its a great honour and privilege to have an insight into the almighty. To have a relationship with the Holy Spirit is priceless.

Mercy. May we all do; at some time in our lives when we need this the most. Thank God for Jesus daily ..’ Cuz this will be a different difficult story for all humanity.


Love covers a multitude of sins and God is love. For love made the sun rule, just like the moon and; beyond the many stars.

Amen. Hard pill to swallow. But true. Christ did it best. Repping his father down to the wire. With all his bodily fluid pouring out and internal organs; hanging out.


With a crown of thorns, on his bleeding head – he still pled for the forgiveness of his murderers; and crucifiers.

Satan is in dire trouble. No wonder why he is restlessly seeking to destroy every thing good like a desperate hungry roaring lion.


Lord Jesus. We are not worthy of this grace. Come to us and fill us anew with a brand new meaning to your divine love.


That we may love what thou loves and power, above all, wickedness; to do ..’

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