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My, My. The Holy Spirit don’t lie. Be lucky, if you ever have this gift.

I pray for they day, I listen to the Holy Spirit 1 trillion percent, always.

I’d be a zillioniaire living in blissfull harmony with love; now. What an awakening. Subtle and gentle it speaks ..’

The most quiet in the room isn’t the dumbest and vice versa. Paradox of life. Chin up. Look ahead. Slay them; on your way. Alright then. Go get them. Love all the way.


For a xtain; or anyone, to love someone who viciously hates you with uncanning envy and jealousy; you need a special kind of, anointed Grace, to navigate – that one.

When a saboteur stoops lower than low; you know that, that’s spiritual with principalities at work.

A clear sign you are unto your breakthrough around the corner.


Thieves don’t break into empty houses. Stay blessed and be super positive.

Ain’t no #use #crying #over #my #tears.

#Best #wipe those #eyes; #wear #your #pride and walk #head held #high.

I won’t be #one of #those. #God is #watching #from #a #distance. Amen

Talk to Jesus. He listens. Even I, need to do this more often; quietly. Heart to heart. Like true best friends – and listen!


In the absence of sleep. I stay awake. Alert. Alive. Contemplating my brand new day with a whole lot of intent.

Thank you Jesus for keeping me calm. Warm in thy spring. Beauty and full of Grace thy love has shown to me.

I rather have Jesus than silver or gold. Aint no love like the love of Jesus. Amen


By Aremuorin


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