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Just happend a fornight ago. I recall this random day ..’

Was just about to say; if being myself is not good enough then I can’t compete with that ..’ I choose to smile because my life is a joy of overcoming pain. Amen


Went to a jam twice in a row, run by black people; and they played politics to not let me and my friends sing. #Shade #Sabotage

Even thou we paid at the cover charge at the door, and arrived an hour a half early to sign up, bought food and drinks – too. As we always do – supporting.

So I left; making new friends with Josephine and random tourists, in town – 5 mins away. Bam. An hr later.


Met two black producers who said I look like a singer and asked me to drop a line or two with my mouth full of take away accompanied by my new friends; having a good chuckle.

Now, I’m cutting a new track, next week with them, in studio with pure artistic freedom. They happen to believe my music is really cool. Life is for the taking.

No need for the breaking or the aching. Forgotten all about it till Josephine’s tag showed up on my music page. Nice!


When people are stooping low – rise above em. Like attracts like. There is no power greater than love.

Predictably, propheticly – when the devil sets you up to fail – God sets you up to win. Believe.

Hope this inspires someone a little higher. Amen.

By Aremuorin

#MercyfulGrace #Love #Secret


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