Abominations: ‘Religious Hypocrisy’ – #Seriously ..’ – #In14Ways #Lgbtq #MercyfulGrace

Written & Produced by Anthony Everest

What would love do?

I would never advocate sin or it’s glorification, but the selective witch-hunting of the lgbtq under the guise of abomination is excessive in isolation; hypocritically by self righteous religious folks. Yes, it’s labelled; as such in the bible, but not, the only one. (I do not see you stonning women for not being virgins on their wedding nights as the bible commands?).


How about, focus on other abominations. Those you are guilty of. Let God be God. You are guilty of abominable sins too; when you realise. Jesus paid it all. Focus on your victory in Jesus, and live a Holy life by him first, through example (reflection), and not by hypocrisy. Practise what you preach !!!

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‘Love will build, everything hate destroyed ..’

– Anthony Everest


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