MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Floyd Mayweather’ – Don’t Hate by Aremuorin

Floyd Mayweather -

Why do we need to tear our own down ..’ Why?

Okay – I am not a huge boxing fan ..’ and know little about this dude. I only heard of him via Tyrese, recently ..’ From my little insight, he is the-cream of his crop!

So, I just read a-thrashing post online, after my opening-comment. He is a pig, but I think there are worse cases than him. I don’t condone violence domestically, at all, but I feel – there are worse pigs out there than him – dropping bombs on other countries and stealing their economy. Why not rant about that. White cops are killing us like dogs – next! Women who know he is like this that go after him – know what the deal is.

They want his money. So, don’t use him and cheat on him and cry wolf when you get caught. Money don’t buy you class. Goes both ways! If you had any class – you won’t tear him down, you would lift him up. Get him help. Maybe he is dyslexic or insecure or bipolar – you don’t know.

Don’t judge a book by the cover. Seriously- why tear your own down. SMH …’ The Black media should know better and black people should stop hating, but then again – Jealousy Is The Root Of Hatred!

It’s one thing to be torn apart outside your own home (by society), but it’ a different ball game, when you are being ripped apart, in your own home by your own kind. That’s just not right.

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