MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘You & Your Partners Phone’ – Transparency? by Aremuorin

This came up in a forum online – whilst I added an insight, still had the itch to post this here ..’ But really, how does this make you feel about the question posed above? Here was my take.

Yeap – If they are in a relationship .. why secrets, unless if its a work phone and you work for the CIA .. What are you hiding otherwise? Next .. Personally, I will be showing you the door.

The Truth

Truth is – you and I will never be in that relationship in the first place, cuz I will source you out on the first date – unless I’m only after your flesh. Luckily, I would never be short on A+ choices – if, I was that way inclined. This is just high school. Seriously – hiding phones in a relationship?

You know outright – that is not a relationship. A relationship without transparency is no relationship. Good Bye! Have a blessed life!

No transparency – No relationship.

No transparency – No relationship! Stop making a mockery of trust! For an issue of transparency to occur could mean one of a few things 1.) You have been caught out, 2.) Your partner is on a guilty cheating trip, 3.) Your relationship’s validity has come under scrutiny, 4.) You being challenged to prove your commitment to it, 5.) You have nothing to hide (so show it), 6.) There is a rumor needing to be squashed, 7.) It’s time to call it quits and go your separate ways.

What do you think?

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2 Comments on “MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘You & Your Partners Phone’ – Transparency? by Aremuorin”

  1. Seb says:

    Interesting question. First of all I don’t think such a question should be asked in a relationship as it already implies a sort of mistrust towards the other part. Second I don’t understand why someone in a relationship should feel the need to hide any form of phone/tablet use for the other part and indeed if you do you can expect that these kind of questions will be asked sooner or later. Third. It’s kind of nice just to leave your phone alone when you’re at home and spend time with your family/partner.


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