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“Change takes time. He’s a lawyer and a politician. Above all, a father, a husband and a leader. It’s not easy the head that wears the crown. Go easy on Obama. He does not own America ..’ White people do” – Anthony Everest.

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Black people need to create their own reality and stop waiting around for ‘A White Jesus’ to do it for them. In fact, all races need to. I call on Jesus* – day and night, now – cuz everything around, is a pure spiritual warfare. Not just against the enemy but, haters & jealous spirits – alike ..’ Many people are still sleep walking. Here is one of my fav songs – ‘What A Wonderful World’ :: Be encouraged. God Bless You Obama! History will remember you doing your best, and leaving the rest.

“I don’t think racism is going anywhere till the end of time, so, I better brace myself for the bumpy ride” – Anthony Everest


I wish Jesus came tonight – to put an end to all this barbarism ..’ I want to vomit the more I read about white supremacy and their systematic, abusive hatefulness on other races, conveniently purposed, for centuries.

Yet, claiming innocence, insisting their forefathers did it. But, why then are you privileging from it, and why aren’t you doing more, to eradicate it – it’s brutal bare faced upsurge – systematically, in modern times.

How graphic can you get. Blacks are not looting and lynching whites. I mean – America is totally – f’ed up. Its like 400 years backwards. You murder a citizen and leave him 4 hours dead in the streets – and you are a cop, whose meant to uphold the law. What do you call that? Even a puppy will be picked quicker than that.

Imagine, a dog bit Philip White’s face off, and he died in custody ..’ Ridiculous! What are we to be? To be savaged – cuz we are black? – For God’s sakes! They lie, kill, steal, use and abuse us.

Why is it that the coloured races, are the ones having to go thru this; and not the white race? Excuse me for asking! Who made up these rules? No race should have to experience this amount of barbarism, and evilness – in 2015.

It’s beyond comprehension – as to why you hate us so much. We are human just like you. Every human being has a right to live, without fear of persecution, for their race, or racial profile. If you continue to silence this – your children will be next. Seriously, how long more must we suffer in silence?

This needs to stop! Period!

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