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God Is Love2 -

“I don’t think racism is going anywhere till the end of time, so, I better brace myself for the bumpy ride” – Anthony Everest‪ #‎Racism‬‪ #‎RealTalk‬

Jesus works for me. Gives me hope, strength, courage, and grace to carry on. And, I hurt nobody with it. Those that do, need psychiatric evaluation. They aren’t Xtains.
Including, the mother****ers, who traded it for slavery and genocide – in the name of world peace. They do not know God, nor serve him.
Lets put this argument in context. God is Love* not a narcissistic sadistic barbaric greedy thieving lying savage. Those are agents of the devil. Wolves in sheep skin. They are everywhere. Compute*.
I’m deeply, offended; by anyone, calling it religion or Christianity / Islam. Poles apart. #theBloodOfJesus. Is that why King Herod, tried it on Jesus? #MercyfulGrace. This is deep!
Smart, Funny, Engaging Entertaining Videos by Gazi – Thank You! : ) Xx
And furthermore – God is not religion. We all have God, but religion, attemptedly, stole it from our hearts – thanks to the aforesaid.
After all said and done, my revelation of the truth of Christ, God and the Holy Spirit, is a personal conviction and not entirely based on the systems of doctrines – from/by organised spiritual doctrines.
Its hard to deny or ignore someone who speaks, to you, reveals himself to you, in dreams, in visions and in real life. The alternative to that is to go crazy. It’s like looking at rain and calling it snow. 
Racism is a power play, mechanism, tooled and fuelled by religion and religious bias. So, (I) take Jesus with (me) you, everywhere (I) you go ..’

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