MercyfulGrace Diaries with Jesus – ‘Paid The Price’.

There is nothing impossible, if you believe in the author of Heaven & Earth

Jesus paid the price ..’ Everything ..’ I don’t care what your situation is. Jesus went down for it. All you have to do is believe! – I’m touched by something, this moment. And the presence of the Lord Has Just Filled my heart with a word.

There is nothing impossible, if you believe in the author of Heaven and Earth, and the Universe within, or beyond. Whose report do you believe? This report says I am free. The truth shall set you free, but not, until you hear the truth ..’ The truth is Love* boo. God Is Love* :: 

Listen ..’ According to your faith you’ll be measured. You may want it right now, but God is saying – ‘Wait’. Just, wait a minute. I know what you don’t. There are obstacles, troubles and disappointments, where you are heading. The enemy is not happy; let me clear the way. So, all your footsteps, will be ordered, by God!

As per assumptions and labels ..’ If you don’t understand the revelations – go read a book on it, and seek wisdom. Christians know what I’m talking about ..’ And if some of them don’t’ – the message was not for them. Some Xtains burn gays, and muslims in the name of Jesus. I was not speaking to them. They need psychiatry evaluation ..’

Obstacles can be great revelations, that you would have not uncovered, otherwise. Be grateful – when you know who, what & where – your obstacles are. Cuz, now, you can begin to ‘understand and process’ – Why and How, to overcome! Pay attention to the truth. The lie is dated ..’ It has nothing on you. The truth will find you in God’s Im-morally Graceful Love*

His Son – Jesus, is the Grace You Need! Just believe. I’ve learned this great lesson – first hand, cuz when he does it, no one does it – like him. Many people want, money, fame and notoriety, but with that – comes a tone of demonic problems, chains and challenges – which you, often don’t need.

So, put God first. Obedience is better than sacrifice ..’ Now, God may use you, in the process of your trials, to sow seeds, along the way. Remember, Jesus said to God – in the thick of his trials, not my will but yours be done. So, take comfort and be steadfastly strong.

Salvation is for everyone. Not just for some. Unfortunately, not everyone will find it. Some people will, or choose, to, self destruct, and/or, tag, others, along the way. Mercy is the name of Jesus. Peace be unto to you ..’ I pray you find relief ..’ Mercyfulgrace

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