MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Assault’ – When Women Abuse Men By Aremuorin

“I thank God for the HOLY SPIRIT, even when I am wrong – I am right, cuz that Grace of God, will lead me home”.

Female aggression ::

See, I will never be in the company of such a woman, nor date, nor be friends with ..’ I’ve learned to look for the signs ..’ You are what you eat.

Why would I need to gratify myself with such debauchery – when I know I am fearfully, and wonderfully made by God? I can go out any night, or day of the week – and pick up beautiful people :: Young, old, grey, black, blue, yellow or purple.


See, myself esteem is not that low and I am not that shallow. This is down to knowing the truth. If you don’t know, then you believe what you don’t know. And, I know, I don’t need this.

So, it would not be happening to me, any time, soon ..’ Jesus*

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