‘Women’ – Dating Bisexuals.





So much, hypocrisy, Ignorance, prejudice and self righteousness on his thread. Each to their own. Even, incest is deeply rooted in the bible, infidelity and womanising. These were by, great, anointed men of God – From Solomon to Abraham.


Maybe we should talk about cunning Eve, in the bible, or murderer; Cain, or treacherous Delilah. Of all the genocide, slavery and racism and hypocrisy in the name of religion and humanities, in the world, today – I think, this is the least of my concerns – what consenting adults, decide, with each other. I always say this, to hypocrites and mr & mrs perfect, ‘Sweep Around Your Own Front Door, First, Before You Sweep Around Mine.


If I choose to hump, and get high on my table, or the tree, in my garden – its my perogative. If I choose to have an affair with with blond blue eyed lasses, or hoes, in a brothel, every night – my choice. And if I want to have coitos with every homeless old man, under a cold bridge; every xmas or any summers night – my choice.


Not that I’m this way inclined, just saying. So whats, new? Never mind me. I just came to read the comments.

Shall we – highlight men, who can’t pull up, their pants, now. Funny enough – they front like they are macho, when in truth, un be-known, to some, ignorantly; it’s an invitation to sodomy, by in mates in prisons ..’ How retarded, some speak; on humanities – self professed – righteously and condescendingly :: but wait for it – ‘Their Women Love it’.
Thank God for Jesus – cuz non of this makes sense to me. People are so caught up, in their own reflection of bull and droppings – littering their hallway to – self denial, miseducation and delusions – the mother of all, hypocrisies. 
Men having coitos with two women at the same time – what exactly does that make them, and vice versa? A stud, a fool, Bi, or a hypocrite? I’m tired with it. Folks are tired with it. The world is tired with it. No one even cares. Next!
If you like, put fire crackers up your behind & blow yourself up – your choice!

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’
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