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Àrèmúorin - Anthony Everest

I can’t wait for judgement day. I bet good money – many right winged xtains – will not see that pearly white gate, for their prejudices, and self-righteous, unforgiving, narrow, mindless, closed mindedness. 

It will lead them to the other – gate, unless – they become like Jesus – the master, of compassion himself, till the very last hour, he gave up himself; for the ghost – on the cross of calvary. Mercyfulgrace – Don’t pass me by.

Some people seriously, need professional help. I thought I was the only one. But, seriously, some people are way over there, almost; beyond repair. 

Envy and Jealousy is an ugly trait and very unattractive; when filled with ignorance. The Love of Jesus Set Me Free, Let No Demons Tell Lies On Me.

Was just minding my own business, on a saturday night, with my friend, and this white dude, just attacked me, verbally; and called me the most ungodly, names under the sun because he thought we were talking about him.

Now, I’m not a violent person, but do it to the wrong person – you’d be in hospital, right now! Get a lid on your alcohol. Drink Responsibly!

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