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Some times, you just have to ‘Let It Go’. Let them disappear, before they reappear. Everyone deserves 2nd chances, maybe; but a 3rd – oh hell no. You must be a dumb, naive, real brain-washed, foolish fool, to be played like a drum; humming, ‘I did not know’, to let them in again. ‪#‎Let‬ ‪#‎Go‬ – ‪#‎Real‬ ‪#‎Talk‬. It’s a good thing to have friends but a great thing to have great friendships ..’

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As part of my deletion of dead wood off my friends list, so goes along their pictures and memories …’ Especially, if they are full of drama, and bad news – time after time. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I want only good, loyal, trusted and highly recommended, friends; on my list. Starting now ..’ Your Xter precedes you. There is a reason for this process. It’s 2015, Bi*ch. Have no time for haters in my life – let alone EF’d up people.

This is not a subset-group agenda. The urban metaphoric-slangs are woven out of a need to yield one only desire. This is about people who sum up a lot of negative people around, at some point or another. Furthermore, time is money in a nutshell. I will think again, twice, before I be the ‘Good Samaritan’, to another druggie & passed out drunken hooker, trying to scratch me with her needle..’


The streets are rough. While some pimps are taking theirs on the streets, some pastors are taking theirs behind the pulpit. Question is – who is more virtuous and righteous. You gotta keep in mind where you are going to stay on track.  My friends keep telling me, I make too much excuses for people. Maybe they are right ..’ Focus*

Whatever goodwill, I have done for them generously from the bottom of my heart is between me, them & God. As for my future – I say ::

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