‘Me Got The Blues’ – Real bad this #time ..’ #In14Ways #AnthonyEverest #MercyfulGrace

Written by Anthony Everest

Kiss Me Baby - Reloaded - 2015 - Aremuorin.com
Life Quote - Love, Aremuorin.com (2)
S’about the affairs of the heart again ..’
That o’l devil warned love

I got it twice as bad this time

A tragic drama’s bout to ball

One will wine, one will dine

B4 tossing tossed by the failing,

Trailing winds of my indecision ..’

I better hurry on

I got the blues real bad this time ..’

Picking one

Heaven knows when the wind blows

Eleven stories there it goes

My luck for you, stuck on two

I’m all shade for one parade

I heard you laugh, I heard you plot,

Dreamers do, scheemers  too

Am I  yours, Are you mine

Let the line remove the blind

I got the blues real bad this time

Ticking  fun

I can’t love the way you hurt

You bring-me uncertainity

remnants of an old flame

I sing you this song

you mock along

in silence in your heart

You think I don’t know

But I heard you from the start

You skip a beat

When you mirror me

I’m the boss of sure

Piking One

Ticking Fun

Kicking On

Flicking Gone

I got the blues real bad this time

I got the blues real bad this time

I got the blues real bad this time

I got the blues real bad this time

My heart bleeds

My spirit leads

Just to win

Picking (N)one

You chase like water

Then you run like fire

Away from the flames

Fuming with my desire

Run To Love EP

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