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‘Don’t come for me unless I come for you – Kenya Moore’

It’s funny how the fact’s are so blatantly, around vividly, yet ignorance prevalently still dogmatises the naive cultured mind set, out of a macho – ego, napoleon, complexed narrow minded view, when it comes to being frank about black and white sexual orientations.

When will these people wake up, or who are they kidding. There’s a phrase. Go out more! Read a book, surf the net, take advice, watch a movie or something, but for crying out loud, don’t make the rest of the black-race look stupid. Cuz we are not that ignorant …’


And you can take this any how you like. The more I dwell on this, the more, I want to tear my responses out of the wells of my gut, and speak on it like a bitch. Surprising, it is, how many straight men, allegedly; walk around with their pants sagging, unaware, what they are doing, attention seekingly, or pretending, not to.

Wakie wake ..’ It’s 2015. Fool your grandma’s. Even she, has an internet connection, now – probably. So she aint that naive no more. So she, beyond doubt, knows more than you are claiming to. ‘Don’t come for me unless I come for you in the words of – Kenya Moore’. Dont think its even an issue of gay rights, or joe blogs rights – its an issue of human rights. We can’t be oblivious to the fact that – people have choices, and its not down to us how they choose to live their lives.

If you want to influence people, its not by hating and bashing, on them. Its by loving on them. Love only conquers all …’ Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Simple as A, B, C. Don’t start me on slavery then …’ If you are into polygamy, you are borderline homo and sexually deviant from the norm, anyway.

Polygamy is rooted in religion. Both Christianity and Islam supported it ..’ Don’t blame the white man. If anyone – blame God! Even, Abraham had concubines, even King Solomon and so forth ..’ I really don’t think God told you to do that – cuz he would have, given Adam – loads of women, and not just one Eve, when he was put in the Garden of Eden. I think that’s, evolution and self preservation. Human nature. 

If you are into polygamy, you are a borderline homo and sexually deviant from the norm, anyway.

This is logic. If you like two girls or women, at it, what does it make you in various degrees?. Polygamy [puh-lig-uh-mee] Spell Syllables. Examples Word Origin noun 1. the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, especially wife, at one time. Compare bigamy (def 1), monogamy (def 1). 2. Zoology. the habit or system of mating with more than one individual, either simultaneously or successively.

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Something – just crossed my mind now. And probably, hopefully, be my last say, on this un-important issue to me, comparatively. There are many straight men, married with wife and kids, who practise homosexuality in society. Their wives, would probably never know, sometimes, they do know and pretend they don’t’. They are your average men walking down the street, just going about their business – and it does not make them any less than a man, who does not. They are lawyers, politicians, doctors, accountants, labourers, millionaires, billionaires, and postmen too. It’s all facets of humanity. It was, it has been and would always be like that. Women do it. Men Do it. Which brings us back to the top of this post.


Most men who have families who do this, are either, trapped, by dogma, religion, culture, careers and bigotry commentary like some ran on this post. What you have done with bigotry, is run them further underground, probably create a whole barrage – of new sexual lusts, desires, broken homes and social repercussions. Maybe, incest. That part is sick – but, then again incest is in the bible ..’ Thats how we all got here. Read the bible well! Theres always a time and place – for humanities ..’

“If you don’t understand. Ask. What that mean’s?” – Thought of the day !!!


I’ve forgotten whose side I’m on now. I’m just having fun with you all. If I agree, with any thing I’ll say it – otherwise I’ll state how I feel. But it’s all good – ‘It’s good to talk’ – Xo xo Hope you all get my new single on Valentines day :: You probably – think there are no gay muslims too ..’ LOL. Loads and Arabs, and Xtains and Africans & Chinese and mums and dads and sports men and film stars and pop stars. They are everywhere …’

We all need to understand each other better – thats all. Then we respect each other better.

Big Deal. Move on !!! No one cares. Only homophobes, who are in the closet – time after time, then they come out. Personally, I like white skin elephants, blue eyed goats, and sometimes my cat. Thinking of maybe my car next time ..’ lol  As for, right or left winged upsets – Oh, I wont worry about it. They are grown men and women. They can fight their own battles. We all need to understand each other better – thats all. Then we respect each other better.
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I am no psychologist or expert on sexual deviance’s or desires, but I feel that ignorance plays a large part in our society today as to why this is, having been a rooted problem, in our communities. Especially black communities. When delving into this, naivety frowns on us. Even in the animal kingdom their is homosexuality. Are they going to hell? Or maybe, God didn’t create them. Or maybe they are not our close cousins. I wonder where they knew about this in the first place. For your information; wake up.

As to why its your concern who does what with what – as long as it’s not with you, is a mystery to me (Provided it’s not illegal).

HatersGay men and women are powerful, creative, super intelligent, frontiers, inventors, artistes, charismatic, entrepreneurs, co-orporations, conglomerates, nice people who run and rule the world, in every industry you can think of, all the way to the white house. You better be nice to them, because, gay people are nice people and they can Ef you up good – too, when, and if you cross them. If you want to talk about sexual deviances and blame gay people for all the negative stereotypes, you are misinformed, cuz straight people are just as bad. In fact, a good no are on the low – behind the pulpit.

As to why, its your concern who does what with what – as long as it’s not with you, is a mystery to me (provided its not illegal). Why not let it go ..’ And this is for all the self righteous religious bashers. I am not arguing for, or, against anyone’s preference, but I believe – in Loving, Peace & Harmony. If believers spend more time constructively, wisely, than – bashing and cursing – more people would listen, and potentially come back to the House of Love, to fellowship in the spirit of Love, Restoration and Godliness.


Well – I don’t know about you ..’ However, I know that God is love and it don’t matter where you been, as long as you come to him. He does the regeneration ..’ Not you, or I, or them ..’ The great thing about God is, he is the best wifi service available. You just first need to get a signal. That’s why he sent Jesus, and with that, came the Holy Spirit, to guide you when you’ve  lost reception. To be honest, I’ll try my best to ignore some of those post’s in future, because the mis-education, bigotry, ignorance and language used on some of these threads are just almost unforgivable(s). But hey, what would love do! Boom! Have a nice day! This is one of the best one thousand plus words, you’d read, in a very long, candid, truthful time.

Mathew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

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