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Written by Aremuorin

Organised religion has to be the greatest con ever. Let’s not #talk about the catholic #church on #slavery & child #abuse.

I’m going to be kind cuz #God just told me not to #judge and I #prayed and just wrote a #song about it ..’

Some one needs to minster to some of our celebrities about our God Almighty. That he is real and he is alive ..’ For the influence they abuse; is criminal.

Racism in the UK has taken a new nose dive. It’s slick, it’s well crafted and even not so covet, anymore. You just need to systematically understand it. The cheek.

Excuse me, If I express the growing pain’s of a black man – plus 400 years on! Luckily, for me – I have Jesus, on stand by, to cue me, when I need some inspiration.

I could put it bluntly …’ But – I think, I just been told, not to, cuz, I can do better – since I know better!

Best start calling on Jesus – cuz, he’s the only way at this junction ..’ #RealTalk ..’ When the enemy comes for you – they come in legions – system-matically. #TheBloodOfJesus

Justice For Tyra Sanchez

Thank you Jesus for everything you’ve taught me, shown me, revealed to and made me pass through, first hand (through life) for – the greater purpose of my faith and destiny ..’ Amen

Bright stars – no clouds – Love is aloud. God is love – Never changing – always been good to me. Faithful father. Loving friend. Patient like a virtue. My grace. Praise you. Have mercy. All over again. Use me ..’

Religious hypocrisy is a serious epidemic worthy of prayers. How self righteous people, feel, vindicated, to condemn, and judge others in the name of God with salacious, hate and bigotry, is beyond me.

Not even ‘Jesus’, was told, or taught, or sent, to do that. So, which God sent you, to do that?

Abrahams blessings are mine ♥️

Love Consistently love. Consistently loved. Love a Quad Trillion. Love To Infinity.

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