A New Year Has Dawned. #In14Ways #Aremuorin #Gratitude #MercyfulGrace

Written by Anthony Everest


Oh Lord magnify my soul. The last year has been the year of brand-old new experiences and growing. Oh Lord magnify my soul.

The mouth is a very powerful organ: it harbors a deadly weapon. The tongue. Do not harm other people with it. Be very careful.

You can’t serve God and Money. It’s a Mammoth impossibility. You going to love one more than the other …’

The more I focus less on myself – the more I can be used to spread the message ..’ – Lauryn Hill (Oh Jerusalem)

Love will prevail many believers ..’

Every time the enemy comes to lift up it’s standard – ‘God Is Lifting Up His Own’ – !!! super excited ..’

We are going to talk about Jesus in ways – we have never heard about him.

Spread his message, of love, peace, truths and understanding to those who have never heard about his works like ever before ..’ Amen


A friend just asked me what my plans for the new year, are ..’ And I paused. I know, “These walls were not built to shut out problems. You must face them – Sound of Music”. However – a promise is a comfort for a fool!

If I’m not talking to you this year or deleting you off my pages, it’s because I’m tired of your bull*hit ..’ This whole new year – new things are happening, holistically, spiritually and creatively. 

And before you say that’s – not Godly, let me tell you this, ‘If coca-cola told you what’s in it – would you still drink it? There’s your answer ..’

I have inner eyes and they are wise like the sun. Jesus Is the Son of God. So bring on the Good News !!!

#Real #Talk


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