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Interview by Aremuorin

1. How are you doing?

I’m really well despite the craziness in the world right now. 

2. Tell us about your new project. 

My new single is called “2020 (The Queen Doesn’t Give A Shhh)” it’s an anthemic pop tune all about the Covid climate were living in and this most unpredictable year we’ve had. 

3. What inspired you. 

COVID-19, the lockdowns and the killing of George Floyd (among so many others) triggered the rage that inspired me to pick up the pen and write.

Musically, MJ is a huge inspiration. I think a lot came from his song “They Don’t Care About Us”.

4. How long did it take you to execute

Too long! Haha As an independent artist, projects can take longer than expected, self-funding, self-publishing etc. I started writing the song in the summer and hoped to have it come out before the US presidential election. We got delayed so I continued to write the second verse after the election and the b-section as the holidays were approaching. 

5. Previous projects? 

Earlier this year I released my single D.I.M.E. (Dead In My Eyes) which chronicles my experience with domestic violence abuse.  It took me a long time to write and finally release the song, but I felt I needed to share my story to help inspire others who may be experiencing domestic violence, especially during the current COVID-19 lockdowns as cases rose by about 20% 

6. What’s the reaction so far? 

“2020” has just come out… so far the majority of streams are coming from America, I’m not sure how the reaction from the UK will be. 

7. Why now? 

Such an interesting question. I think the time IS now. Everything that’s happened this year has challenged us to think and act differently. This song is like a time capsule of my emotions for this year… in 10 years it will be interesting to listen back and be like, “do ya’ll remember 2020?”

8. Can you think of your next projects direction?

I want to continue being more open and honest in my writing. During the process of releasing D.I.M.E. and “2020” I realised that it’s ok to express anger and frustration. Previously I’ve written fun pop songs about love or what I thought was love. Anger is also an emotion and music has been my vehicle  to express that. 

9. Influences musically? 

Tina Turner, MJ, The Beatles, Whitney Houston and Prince are biggest influences. There are so many more, but these were the heavyweight champions of music for me. 

10. What’s your take on racism

That is exist. I think we have to acknowledge that first as it doesn’t exist for everyone and therefore how can someone be empathetic to something they’ve never experienced. I don’t think it’s as overt as the media portrays it. As a mixed race person, (my mom is Black American and my father is of German/Irish decent) I have experienced prejudice and racism first hand, but it’s more subtle, it happens sometimes out of pure ignorance but it happens.

Ben E. Davis

11. Have you listened to Mariahs new Audio book – The Meaning of Mariah

I have not. I’m gonna have to check that out. 

12. Any advice for humanity. 

I’m anxious for us to begin being human again. We’re not designed to stare at computer screens for 8 hours a day. We are meant to talk face to face, sing, dance, hug, laugh or even fight for that matter. My advice would be for humanity to smile more.  Sometimes a smile can just brighten up someone’s day… now we’re all hiding our smiles behind masks. 

13. What’s music is playing in your music right now? 

Well it’s that time of year, so I deffo have some Mariah and Nat King Cole  Christmas classics playing, but I’m really feeling Irish artist Moncrieff. His song AMERICA is on repeat at the moment. 

14. Say a prayer for love for us all and the planet. 

Most definitely. Thank you for having me. God Bless you and your family/friends.

Listen to my new single.

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